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Stamped Concrete Patterns and Designs

Some of the most popular patterns are running bond brick, hexagonal tile, cobblestone, and ashler slate. Each decorative concrete contractor has their own stamp patterns based on what has been the most popular in their area. Patterns provided by L.M. Scofield Company

Site pattern-cobblestone-interlocking Scofield Los Angeles, CA

Site pattern-london-slate-random-interlocking Scofield Los Angeles, CA
London Slate

Site pattern-used-brick-running-bond Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Used Brick

Site pattern-limestone-double-rectangle-running-bond Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Limestone Rectangle

Site pattern-fractured-slate-random-interlocking Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Fractured Slate

Site pattern-ashlar-stone-random-interlocking Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Ashler Stone

Site pattern-new-brick-herringbone Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Brick Herringbone

Site pattern-fractured-slate L.M. Scofield Company Los Angeles, CA
Fractured Slate

Site pattern-limestone-european-fan Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Limestone European Fan

Site pattern-canyon-stone-random-interlocking Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Canyon Stone

Stamped Concrete Color Chart

Stamped concrete is often colored using dust-on concrete color hardeners. Dry color pigments are spread over the surface of the newly poured concrete before the stamping process begins. Some of the most popular colors are Venetian Pink, Steadman Buff, Platinum Gray, Dark Red, Walnut, and Slate Gray. Decorative concrete contractors often combine these colors using different color tones on each texture pattern to create one of a kind concrete patios, pool decks, driveways, and walkways. Color chart provided by L.M. Scofield Company.

Site color-steadman-buff L.M. Scofield Company Los Angeles, CA
Steadman Buff

Site color-venetian-pink L.M. Scofield Company Los Angeles, CA
Venetian Pink

Site color-lithochrome-dark-red Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Dark Red

Site color-lithochrome-arizona-tan Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Arizona Tan

Site color-lithochrome-la-crescenta Scofield Los Angeles, CA
La Crescenta

Site color-lithochrome-platinum-gray Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Platinum Gray

Site color-lithochrome-slate-gray Scofield Los Angeles, CA
Slate Gray

Site color-lithochrome-walnut Scofield Los Angeles, CA